Sitting all day is not good for your health. A growing number of studies show the damaging effect of what is currently termed as’sitting disorder’. The main reason protracted sitting is really bad for you is that the lack of movement. Our bodies actually seize up at all the inactivity we experience slumped in the front of our computer daily.

Yes we all know we ought to get out of our seats and take normal breaks. Unfortunately it’s all too easy to dismiss the need to maneuver because we push on with our work. What’s required is a different approach to working which offers the chance to change your body standing as the mood takes you. Fortunately help is at hand in the form of an adjustable height desk.

So you’re no longer stuck with a 30 inch mended working height. You get the chance to choose the height that you work at. With an adjustable height desk that the top height can be altered either mechanically or electrically to a wide range of heights.

Why is a height adjustable desk better than a stationary desk?

When you work at a stationary desk it’s very tricky to become much postural variation on your work place. The only way that you can alter your working height is by simply altering your seat height. At best that only gives an inch or two of change.

When you operate at a movable top desk it opens up a universe of possibilities. Instead of having to sit all day you get the opportunity to stand, perch or sit as the mood takes you. The extra movement your body increases helps keep muscles active, blood circulation boosted and a higher feeling of endurance.

Won’t it be awkward to understand when to adjust?

In case you’re thinking it is going to be awkward to understand when to adjust your desk, then it’s really rather simple. Here’s why. All you need to do is listen to your own body signals.

When you adopt the exact same position for long your body reacts by beginning to ache and become painful. When this occurs it is a cue to change your working posture. So here is when you change the very best height and maybe stand to perform for a while. This revolutionary change of posture enables your body to offer stressed muscles a rest as a different set take up the slack. Everything sounds great but definitely there must be a few drawbacks.

Unfortunately they do not come cheap and also an entry-level model will put you back at least 500. Nonetheless, this is a big improvement on a couple of years back where a four figure outlay was the standard.

You may also have to extend some of the cables and leads to your equipment if the standard ones are not long enough. This is rather simple to fix with extension leads or marginally longer cables. If you can cross both of these hurdles then there is no reason to not switch to a sit stand desk.

Pretty much anybody who spends the majority of the working day sitting will find they can benefit from this way of working. Typically individuals making the change locate the increased flexibility really beneficial.

Higher motion keeps not only the body around the movement but also the mind as well. elektrisch höhenverstellbarer schreibtisch find they don’t flag and become weary as the day goes on. Because they are more active people find they’re more attentive and focused on their job. As a result you are able to focus better and get much more done.