The shrink wrap procedure includes two stages - the enveloping of the pack in shrink wrap either absolutely or partly and - the application of heat to the shrink wrap film which activates the material’s memory of its non-stretched molecular chains.

The software of shrink wrap can be divided into two principal varieties - transit and show.


The objective of transit packaging is to offer the lowest price alternative for packaging. The substance used is virtually solely polyethylene, which will supply the proper toughness at the cheapest accessible value. A standard application is the collation of person packs with or without tray help. The most repeated use of the forgoing entails the packaging of a quantity of cans or bottles or cartons for distribution.

The gear utilised requires a sleeve or bundle sealer functioning in conjunction with a shrink tunnel. Two rolls of content produce a sleeve of movie close to the pack, which is then processed via the tunnel. Typically, these open up sleeves do not cause any drawbacks to the pack integrity even though a modification can be made to the tunnel whereby an attempt is created to have the hole shut through surplus, annealed film.

A significant volume of automation is presented for this procedure so that 1 may find a complete variety of guide, semi and totally computerized sealers and at optimum via-set, 1 can uncover strains with speeds of up to 200 packs for every moment.

The processing of polyethylene is distinguished by the want for the shrink wrap film to reach an practically soften state, right after which cooling will offer important additional shrink. As a consequence, tunnels require particular cooling units if elevated output speeds are essential.

All of this tools may be used to wrap specific packs exactly where collation is not required but a degree of safety is essential. Purposes may possibly fluctuate from radiators by way of to place of work doorways and bolts of cloth.


The equivalent procedures are also used but with screen shrink movie the place products have a normal prerequisite to use a sleeve. Gift wrap and wallpaper rolls tumble into this group. The ideas continue to be the identical though the two the sealer and tunnel will be modified to accommodate specific rolls with correctly little diameters.

Turning to mainstream exhibit programs, the major characteristic is the use of a overall wrap.

In Shrink Machine , the sealer should now develop a flat, two-dimensional bag around the solution.

The solution and this bag are then processed through a shrink tunnel to accomplish the wanted influence.

At the most fundamental degree, this is attained using an L-Sealer and folded movie. The item is manually positioned in between the two layers of film and yet again manually put into the sealer. The seal is concluded and the pack put on the tunnel conveyor. This is a constant approach that also makes an element of scrap film.